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Selection of Daily Housemade Desserts
Subject to change

Allergens in bold*
Mini & Large Bergamot Meringue- wheat, egg, milk 
Small Chocolate & Caramel tart - wheat, egg, milk
Chocolate chip cookie - wheat, egg, milk
Hazelnut Pain aux Raisin wheat, hazelnuts, walnut, milk, egg
Cinnamon brioche - wheat, egg, milk
Cream Puff - wheat, egg, milk
Oatmeal raisin cookiewheat, oat, egg, milk
Lime Posset - milk
Panna cotta - milk & nuts
White chocolate mascarpone, with sherry prunes - milk
Large Chocolate & nut tart - wheat, egg, milk, hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts
Feuilleté - wheat, egg, milk
Blueberry & almond scone - wheat, egg, milk, almonds
Hazelnut Opera Gateaux Slice - wheat, egg, milk, hazelnuts