Domaine Claude Riffault Sancerre Les Chailloux 2019

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"Little present in the village of Sury-en-Vaux, the flint soils are found on the edge of the Forêt de Charnes, at a place called Les Chailloux. The minerality is striking.
A geological fault is at the origin of these “recent” soils formed during the Eocene period of the Tertiary era, 40 million years ago. Our vineyard is made up of less than one hectare on this type of soil. The vines are 13 to 40 years old.
The grapes obtained are vinified and aged entirely in barrels for less than a year"

The wine obtained is straight and mineral. The fruit is expressed on its smoky side. The palate is precise and tight. It is ready to accompany refined dishes of white fish or shellfish.

750ml     contains: sulfites        ABV 13%