Niepoort Senior Tawny Port

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The Niepoort Philosophy has been, for the last decades, to innovate, diversify, break taboos, maintaining tradition. So based on this idea we redesigned the concept of the Senior Tawny, using the most traditional format of Port Wine bottle, the Potta bottle.

Regarding the wine, Senior Tawny spends most of its time ageing in small barrels in the Niepoort lodge in Vila Nova de Gaia. The small barrels enable a soft and light contact with air through the pores of the wood, which results in a slow oxidation process over the years. Senior Tawny is an elegant port with a subtle expression, a light color and a range of flavors and aromas that are based on red fruit tones. The wine must age and this slow oxidation gives it a kind of respectability the Seniority of Port. 

Brick red tawny appearance; a velvety mouth feel with a fine blend of old wines giving richness balanced with younger wines giving freshness and complexity.

750ml    Portugal   Contains: sulphites     ABV 20.1%